About Caritas Fort Portal-Hewasa

Caritas Fort Portal – HEWASA is the social services development arm of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Portal which was established in 1980 as an emergency and charity organization to support the people affected by the civil unrest at the time. These included internally displaced people, orphans, and vulnerable children. The organization was operating as a Faith-based organisation. In 1993 this institution expanded to include Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Justice and Peace, Agriculture Development Services and Financial services. In 2011, it was registered as a company limited by guarantee as Diocesan Social Services (DSSD) Caritas Fort Portal operating within the geographical coverage of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Portal. After years of growth and expansion and due to the need of the communities and development partners, the legal status of the organization changed from a company limited by guarantee to a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). At the same time Caritas Fort Portal-HEWASA started operating at the national level covering all regions of Uganda.

Humanity living a dignified life in harmony with nature .

Empowering communities through initiatives that promote holistic development

Sustainably empowered communities as stewards of creation.

Our Thematic Areas

Justice and Peace

Rooted in Catholic social teaching, Caritas Fort Portal-HEWASA promotes justice and peace through its projects hinged on safeguarding, Read more

Water and Sanitation

Over 14 million Ugandans (30 percent of the population) have no access to clean and safe water. Yet access to safe water and sanitation is a human right. Read more


With over 68% of Ugandans depending on agriculture for livelihood, the mission of targeted initiatives in agriculture is to strengthen capabilities of active poor farmers.Read More

Promotion of Microfinance

We empower poor people men, women, and the young with entrepreneurial skills and seek to reduce poverty in households by giving small loans to groups & individuals. Read More

Skilling and Entrepreneurship

Caritas Fort Portal-HEWASA provides vulnerable men, youth and women with basic and vocational skills that meet the demands of the current job market. Vulnerable men, youth & women include:Read more

Women, Youth and Gender

Women and youth constitute the biggest population segments in Uganda with vast needs. We promote equal roles for women in development of the communities’ gender equality and empower women and youth in advocacy through awareness raising, trainings and Village Saving and Lending Association (VSLAs). Read more

Natural Resources Management

Sustainable use of natural resources supports our livelihoods and wellbeing. It is a global as well as a local concern here in Uganda. Caritas Fort Portal-HEWASA supports communities in the sustainable use of natural resources and promotes environmental protection while improving quality of life of the communities it serves. Read More

our focus

The main focus is to fulfill the mandent of the Catholic church of reaching out to the poor people, the marginalised and the less privilaged with packages of development intervations


we've funded 12,503 charity projects

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